How can I help?

  • If dealing with French bureaucracy/administration, service providers and professionals is daunting, as a Hand-holder, I can help you with making phone calls/writing letters, emails or any of the day to day difficulties of living in France when French is not your first language.
  • I can also help with translating paperwork/letters, forms filling etc.
  • If you would like help with learning French or another language, I can also help you to learn your chosen language.

    I can assist you by email, phone or face to face meetings

"Many, many thanks for making it happen.  Without your effort I don't think it would have ever happened and I would have finished up doing it myself!”

(comment made following the successful conclusion of a difficult issue with an insurance company refusing to carry out repairs)

RF - Cerisy la Salle

About Me

Originally I come from Nimes in the south of France. After completing my national service in the French Airforce, I  gained two MA’s in Technical Translation and Business/Economy studies and a BA in English & Portuguese at Montpellier University. I then lived in the UK for 25 years where I worked for an air conditioning/humidification company,  finishing up as the Export Manager.
I moved back to France in 2018. I am a local Councillor, I also teach a free weekly French class for English speaking residents in my village and I have founded and conduct a small choir.

I am fluent in French and English. I also speak Spanish, Portuguese and a little Italian.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano, gardening, cooking and inevitably, living in an old Normandie farmhouse, I have no choice but to enjoy DIY!



Why the name?

D'hombres would have been the original family name but the apostrophe was dropped at the time of the French revolution. Ombres means shadows. It is believed that the h was added to recognise Huguenots.
I lived in the UK for 25 years and then moved to Manche - department 50

Shadows 25/50