This page will give you prices information and boring stuff like data protection

Frequently Asked Q uestions (FAQ's)

  1. How much do I charge?
    Let's face it, We all need to know how much things are going to cost. It is not always easy to say as every job is different. However, my price list is below which covers most jobs (standard’ and basic assignments) From the feedback received from my clients, I to believe that my fees are fair and competitive. For more complex/lengthy work and challenging tasks, please do not hesitate to contact me to get a quote.
  2. When will I hear from you and how?
    I will give you regular updates on the progress of an assignment by email or by phone until I have completed the work.
  3. When do I pay?
    I can give you an up-to-date invoice value for costs already incurred as the job is being progresses. If the job takes a considerable time, you can pay me as it progresses or when the whole job is completed. I will send you an invoice by email.
  4. Do I pay from the first contact with you?
    No the inital consultation is free of charge (up to the first half hour)
  5. How do I pay?

         For most jobs, I do not ask for a deposit/retainer and I usually send my invoice by email at

         the end of an assignment/when the job is complete. Payment can be made either:

  • by French cheque payable to : M FREDERIC DHOMBRES


  • by Bank Transfer (account details will be included with the invoice)





Prices (January 2022)

Initial consultation  
(telephone call/email/`enquiry sent via Facebook/Meta Business Suite)


Free (first 30 minutes)

Basic administration rate 

One hour

35 €

30 minutes

17.50 €

less than 15 minutes (minimum charge)

7.00 €

Setting up utility accounts

Per supplier


NB Reasonable extra fee might be added for "complex" accounts where extra communication is needed with a supplier and/or customer.


General translation of short documents (non technical/legal/commercial language) presented in soft copy (ie Word/PDF format sent by email)

0.19€ per word or 35 € per hour

Technical translation

Price varies depending on the field of translation (technical, commercial, legal etc.) - quote on request

Cost for printing translation on paper form  (excl. postage)

0.75€ first two pages, then - 0.14 cents per additional page.

On site Interpretation*
(English-French and French-English)

35 € - 40€ per hour (excl. travel fees)

(depending on the complexity of the interpretation)

Telephone calls**/email writing

1.40€ per minute

Preparation time for making phonecalls/writing emails
(if needed)

25€ per hour

Internet research

Basic French language internet research 

25€ per hour (pro rota)

Extensive French language internet research for a specific project/subject
(includes report writing in English)

35€ per hour (pro rata)

Travel fees***

1.08€ per km (up to 60 minutes driving maximum/round trip)

Language teaching fees - 1 to 1 basis

8€ per hour (excludes travel fees)

*  Please note I am not a court sworn/certified translator ("traducteur assermente"). Therefore technically speaking I cannot supply official translations of any legal documents ("traductions certifiees). Having said this, I still can translate these documents for understanding purposes only.

**  Minimum charge 5 minutes (5€)

***  Quote on request up to 100km round trip

Legal information and disclaimers
(Maybe not very interesting, but necessary)

Confidentiality – Data Protection

  • Your details will always remain confidential, and I will not divulge/share anything sensitive/confidential with third parties unless this is an absolute necessity.

  • When a job is assigned to me, in some cases, I will ask you to supply personal data (e.g., your surname, address, bank details etc). Please note that, in accordance with “Le code de la protection des données personnelles”, the European Directive n° 95/46 and the law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 (Data Protection and Civil Liberties),  this confidential and private information will not be given to third parties. When a job is complete, all correspondence and/or digital copies of documents given to me will be deleted/destroyed.

  • In order to work on your behalf, some organisations request to have an official document called ‘Mandat’ or ‘Procuration’ (document similar to a power of attorney). This document - which will include either an expiry date or a paragraph stipulating that the document will become void on completion of a job - will be sent for you to sign/date and to be returned to me. This document, will allow me to speak to the relevant department(s)/organisation(s) on your behalf.

  • Any sensitive/private information given to me to carry out a specific task requested by a client will remain confidential and, if needed, will only be passed on to the French Administration services or Suppliers/Service providers’ Customer Service Departments (such as the MSA/CAF/CPAM/Tax office/local authorities or suppliers/bank etc) to carry out/complete the task, prior to receiving the client’s authorisation in writing.

Translation work - Disclaimer

  • Because the translation is done by me rather than by a machine, there is a chance that human mistake may result in occasional/slight inaccuracies. Unfortunately, I will be unable to accept your translation order if you refuse to accept this disclaimer. NB : As already stated in my price list, I am not (yet) a sworn translator (although I have already done interpretation and translation work for French social services/curator and the registry office of a local commune), my translation work tends to be mainly in the administrative field which is less subject to inaccuracies or errors.


  • The quote I provide for translation work includes one translator (myself) translating the source text into French or English, with the end translation having a layout that, in most cases/ where possible will be comparable to the original document to facilitate comprehension.


  • The translation is provided to you on the condition that you accept this disclaimer, and Shadows2550 assume no responsibility for your or any other party's use of the translation if it is proved to be inaccurate. If an error is discovered after delivery, I will gladly make the necessary changes to the original translation. Although most of my translations are completely accurate, human mistake is possible.


  • Shadows2550 will give you an estimated completion time when you request an estimate/place an order. Please note that the actual translation process may take longer if I am working at that time, on other projects when you place an order with me. Although timeframes are rarely exceeded, I cannot guarantee that they will be met.