What is hand-holding?

If dealing with French bureaucracy/administration, service providers and professionals is daunting I can help you with making phone calls/writing letters or emails on your behalf, translating paperwork/letters, filling forms etc.

If you don't feel confident attending the Doctors, Vets, Dentist or even to go shopping on your own, I can accompany you and help out with language difficulties. Very often this will just be an initial trip, after which you'll have to confidence to be-able to deal with future trips on your own.

Much of my work is carried out by phone and email so if you are some distance away, it is likely that I can still help you out, however for situations that require face to face meetings I am happy to  travel up to 30 minutes from home.

NB mileage charge applies.


My promise to you:

  • I will always respond to queries as soon as it is practical for me to do so.
  • The initial consultation will be free.(up to 30 minutes)
  • If I cannot deal with your issue I will tell you.
  • If I set up a meeting I will let you know in good time and I will re-arrange if necessary.
  • Please be aware that although I will do my best to sort out issues in a timely manner, I am not responsible for either rules or delays caused by outside agencies (eg. a utility company, tax office, government agency etc)  I will do my best, but miracles can sometimes take a little longer.

and in return...

Please Give me all the information I need when asking me to work on your behalf and be clear about what you expect from me.

If you decide to set up meetings yourself, please inform me beforehand. If for any reason, you cannot make contact with me, please don't assume that I am aware of your arrangements.

If I arrange a meeting at which your presence is needed, please let me know in good time if you cannot attend it.

“We used Freddy to resolve a complex problem with our electricity account - very efficiently and happily resolved! And more recently helped with my driving license online application. We thoroughly recommend him.”

DP. - Percy

“I can thoroughly recommend Freddy. Professional, thorough and a really nice chap!”

NT. Villedieu

"Our Carte de Sejour came today ,thank you so much ,could never have done it without you

 we could never have done it without your lovely help"

G & A U. Orne

"Thank you for all of your hard work so far. I really appreciate you doing this without proper notice.

Thank you for changing the appointment with EDF. That’s such a weight off my mind.

Thank you again. You’ve been amazing.....
I will definitely need more of your services."

L K - Stevenage/Barenton